HyperX is among my preferred headset brands – it conveys all around constructed and extraordinary sounding headsets in essentially every fragment. A while back, Chris Wray as of now checked on the Cloud Stinger Wireless, and most as of late, he tried the Cloud Alpha S. The two headpieces were commended for their assemble and sound quality at a fair cost.

The brand’s most recent headset comes as a move up to probably the best contribution, the Cloud Flight. Named the ‘HyperX Cloud Flight S’, this update packs a few extra highlights contrasted with its more established family member, including 7.1 surround sound and remote QI charging. Do these extra highlights warrant a buy?

Inside the case

There isn’t a lot to state about the substance of the Cloud Flight S box, yet this is certainly not an awful thing by any stretch of the imagination – it fundamentally mirrors this is a simple headset that works directly out of the container. The accompanying things have been incorporated by HyperX:

Cloud Flight S headset
Detachable microphone
MicroUSB charging cable
Wireless USB 2.4GHz RF dongle

Design and features

The Flight S highlights 50mm sound drivers with neodymium magnets, 90° pivoting ear cups with breathable leatherette and adaptable foam, a separable bi-directional amplifier with clamor dropping and adjustable locally available controls. Also, rather than utilizing Bluetooth for remote transmission, the Flight S accompanies a USB 2.4GHz RF dongle for slack free remote sound.

Remote Qi-charging, shocking battery life and 7.1 encompass sound on both PC and PS4, be that as it may, is the thing that isolates HyperX’s most recent contribution from the fruition.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Review

Contrasted with the first Cloud Flight, the changed Flight S is a substantially more rich headpiece. While the first model included noticeable wires and red accents, the S arrives in a matt dark plan that maybe all the more engaging a more extensive crowd.

The left earcup of the S sports its principle highlights, including the force button, a toggleable 7.1 encompass sound catch, a separable amplifier port, a small scale USB charging port, and 4 adjustable, marginally depressed, catches for locally available controls. The very much set volume dial can be found on the privilege earcup.



Similarly, as with the first Flight and other HyperX contributions, Flight S is entirely agreeable, and considerably after expanded times of utilization, I didn’t encounter any strains and the adaptable foam inside the leatherette earcups kept my ears sans sweat. While the headband doesn’t naturally conform to coordinate the size of your head, it can undoubtedly be balanced for a solid match. Those wearing glasses will be glad to discover that this headset can be worn for a considerable length of time straight without feeling any weight.

Ease of use

Something that I preferred the most about the S is its convenience. There essentially aren’t some other headsets accessible that offer 7.1 encompass sound out of the crate on both PS4 and PC without the requirement for extra programming or the utilization of a remote base station associated by means of an optical computerized link. Simply embed the provided remote USB transmitter in either your PC or PS4 and you’re all set. As referenced above, encompass sound can be flipped through a committed catch on the left earcup, and this effectively permits you to switch among sound system and encompass sound. While exchanging is simple, I found it irritating that I needed to re-initiate encompass sound each time in the wake of having shut down the gadget, and I do feel that HyperX could have incorporated a straightforward driven light to demonstrate whether encompass sound has been enacted or not.

While HyperX doesn’t formally specify Nintendo Switch support, I can affirm that the Flight S likewise chips away at Nintendo’s half breed stage in docked mode. In principle, you ought to have the option to get the headset to chip away at the Switch in compact mode through a USB to USB-C dongle yet I couldn’t test whether this really works. Shockingly, Hyper’s contribution doesn’t deal with the Xbox One as Microsoft’s reassure doesn’t bolster USB sound and, not at all like the first Cloud Flight, the reexamined Flight S doesn’t accompany a 3.5mm sound port.

The programmable fastens on the left earcup are a pleasant touch to the changed Cloud Flight and can be customized just as you would prefer. As a matter of course, these dimpled catches control mic quieting, sidetone and game/talk balance. I required some an opportunity to become acclimated to these catches, yet following a few hours of testing, I found these mappable catches a wonderful new element. Programming of the catches is done through HyperX’s NGenuity programming. Mapping the catches is genuinely simple yet sparing your real preset requires some time.

Battery life and wireless charging

HyperX brags outstanding battery life more than 30 hours when utilizing the Flight S at half volume. For this audit, I’ve tried the headset with a scope of games and distinctive volume levels, and I can affirm that 30 hours of play on a solitary charge can be accomplished. I would even venture to state that 30 hours is erring on the side of caution as the battery went on for approximately 33 hours when on ordinary volume levels – besides the first Flight, there’s just no better than average remote headset accessible that offers this sort of battery life span.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Review

On the off chance that you do come up short on battery, charging a headset has never been simpler as, notwithstanding small scale USB charging, the HyperX Cloud Flight S underpins remote charging. Simply place it on a perfect Qi base and the Flight S will begin charging. For this survey, I was likewise provided HyperX’s own Chargeplay Base and this worked splendidly. This base, in any case, is excluded from the headset and will slow down you another $60. Any Qi-confirmed accuse cushion should work of the Flight S, however, in the wake of having tried some less expensive other options, not all cushions appeared to effectively work.

Sound quality

HyperX’s Cloud Flight correction offers a reasonable and unmistakable sound involvement in mids and highs that are truly precise for a gaming headset right now. It utilizes a somewhat helped bass without overwhelming different sounds. In general, the Flight S is among the best-sounding remote headsets right now, including the Arctis 7 and Razer Thresher Wireless.

When all is said in done, I’m not very partial to utilizing ‘Encompass Sound’ because of the sound being changed here and there, however, this isn’t the situation with HyperX’s specially tuned 7.1 encompass sound. In actuality, it gives an increasingly vivid sound understanding and HyperX’s encompass execution on Flight S is extraordinary compared to others I’ve heard up until now. When you’ve encountered the headset’s encompass mode, you presumably won’t switch back to sound system mode at any point in the near future.

The HyperX Cloud Flight S permits you to interface the provided mouthpiece or one based on your very own preference. While the provided HyperX mic gets the job done, don’t anticipate a lot from it. There’s absolutely an opportunity to get better on HyperX’s side with regards to the receiver.


The HyperX Cloud Flight S is among the best remote headsets in its value run. It offers incredible solace, flexibility, unparalleled battery life, and great sound quality. What’s more, it packs selective highlights, for example, remote charging and out-of-the-container 7.1 encompass sound on both PC and PS4, that you just won’t find on some other headset right now. The amplifier isn’t the best however will do the trick for straightforward visiting. On the off chance that remote charging and encompass sound are highlights that you’re searching for on a headset right now, the HyperX Cloud Flight S is an absolute necessity purchase. If not, the first HyperX Cloud Flight stays a strong, and less expensive, elective.

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HyperX Cloud Flight S Review