Google has released the first developer preview for Android 11, the following adaptation of its mobile operating system. It’s the soonest Google has ever done a preview like this, so the updates here aren’t that forward-looking, however Google’s creation some large guarantees, as improved support for 5G, better privacy, and new messaging interfaces.

Additionally: This is incredibly a review implied for developers just — it’s only for the Pixel 2, 3, 3A, or 4, and it must be installed with a full flash that will wipe all your data. In other words, you shouldn’t install this on your main device, except if you like utilizing a busted telephone.

Luckily, we have an extra Pixel around and dove up some neat features in the early beta. This is what’s new up until now:

Bubbles — Reminiscent of Facebook’s chat heads, the “bubbles” include was initially intended to be a piece of Android 10 a year ago. It’s another UI for informing applications that lets you keep a few discussions effectively available anyplace through a gliding bubble. At this moment, it appears that simply Google’s own informing application has support, however, the thought is that any application — like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Signal — could exploit the component.

Conversations — To oblige the Bubbles there is another conversation segment of the notice conceal that breaks out new messages into their own zone in front of every one of your messages, Instagram likes, and application refreshes. The thought is to make the correspondence parts of your telephone increasingly available on the grounds that, well, it’s a telephone, and that is the thing that it does — assist you with conversing with individuals.

Better app permissions — Taking a page out of iOS’s book, Android 11 is adding the alternative to simply give applications impermanent consent to your camera, mouthpiece, and area information. It’s a basic expansion, yet one that makes Android significantly progressively secure.

Screen recording — Google previously had a variant of this in Android 10’s betas that didn’t advance toward the last form. In any case, screen recording is back and has an entire extravagant UI this time, which implies that the element may at long last be transporting in Android 11. It essentially does what it says on the can: records your screen.

Littler changes and changes:

  • Automated dark mode toggles
  • Another Motion Sense signal for the Pixel 4 to play or interruption music
  • An “increased touch sensitivity” setting for the Pixel 4, implied for use with screen savers
  • The alternative to sticking applications to the highest point of the offer sheet has returned from the Android 10 beta.
  • Turning on airplane mode never again disconnects Bluetooth sound.

XDA Developers reports that there’s likewise a concealed new screen capture UI, yet it’s not empowered as a matter of course (or completely useful yet).

android 11 features

There are likewise bounty more changes that are basically in the engine, like better support for folding, waterfall, and pinhole displays, 5G integration, scoped storage, improved privacy and security, and more. We’ll keep on refreshing this post as progressively hidden features in Android 11 are found in the coming days.

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